photo of Ryan with quote

Ryan is ex-Army and joined up in 2003. He progressed to the rank of sergeant and was in charge of 28 people. Ryan left the Army in 2017 to start a fishing business in Jamaica.  This was not as successful as he hoped so he returned to London seeking work.

He secured a SIA (security industry licence). Through a connection with RFEA, he began working for Lucas Films at Pinewood studios as part time stage security. During this time he was cast to appear in the forthcoming Star Wars film 

 “It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one struggling, but the programme has given me a chance to speak with other ex-military personnel, which has been a huge help – it puts you on a level platform with everyone else, which helps you realise there are other people with the same struggles and difficulties.

I would advise any ex-military to get in touch with RFEA. It is a great platform to get help progressing into civvy street. The RFEA team really understand the needs of ex-Forces, so can relay information much more easily. There’s a lot of help available to veterans, but the signposting of it can be very bad, so having someone from RFEA to help guide you through, so you can get the help you need, makes a huge difference.”