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RFEA The Forces Employment Charity operates Project Nova to support ex-military who have served in HM Armed Forces, and have been arrested, with the aims of reducing re-offending. The project provides practical and emotional support to address challenges that veterans may experience in civilian life, and to assist the veteran to engage with coordinated specialist services.

Project Nova is delivering a specialist service on the CFO3 programme on behalf of Ingeus and HMPPS, part-funded by the European Social Fund. The programme works with ex-Forces who have offended and have difficulty in accessing mainstream provision, moving them closer to the local labour market.

Programme aims

  • Provide one-to-one support to empower the veterans to feel able to deal with emotional and practical challenges.
  • Motivate the Veteran to engage with specialist services and support them to understand what is available for their needs.
  • Support Veterans access to specialist services including Community & Relationships, Employment Education & Skills, Finance & Debt, Health & Wellbeing, Making a Home in Civilian Society, Living a Law-Abiding Life.
  • Proactive to sustain engagement and identify problems as they arise.


  • Paid Military service in HM Armed Forces, or Reservists, including those who served in HM Forces from a Commonwealth Country.
  • Minimum service is one day for regular forces as many can join up and experience problems straight-away, or once trained, for reservists.

Not suitable 

  • No service in HM Armed Forces.


  • Sessions delivered one to one with an intial face-to-face visit and continued engagement either face-to-face or by phone.
  • Project Nova support is typically provided for up to nine months.

Holme House Prison

Project Nova has a strong understanding of military service and the challenges of transitioning to civilian life and beyond.  Delivering a specialist support service on the CFO Veteran’s Hub programme, on behalf of Ingeus and HMPPS, part-funded by the European Social Fund. The programme works with ex-Forces who are in custody in Holme House prison and have difficulty in accessing mainstream provision. 

Our programme within Holme House Prison provides veterans with one-to-one and group sessions on: 

  • developing a sense of self-worth, 
  • making positive plans for the future, 
  • building personal resilience, 
  • strengthening support networks, 
  • support and advice on housing, finance, and 
  • assistance with training and education. 

We succeed in supporting military veterans make positive change in their lives.

How to request our help

Project Nova may be contacted on:

Freephone 0800 917 7299

or by email at [email protected]

Secure criminal justice email address: [email protected]

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