One Is Too Many

The shift to non-military living brings a number of challenges that can lead to Service leavers and veterans feeling detached and in between military and civilian worlds.

The reality for many is that this can potentially then lead to housing problems, debt, health issues, PTSD, or drug and alcohol misuse. One is Too Many seeks to understand these difficulties experienced by vulnerable veterans and how they can lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings, with a focus on those who are not successfully accessing the support that they need.

Funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the project aims to reduce suicide risks within vulnerable Ex-Forces personnel in a coordinated and targeted way. Specialist training will be delivered to nationwide Project Nova teams and Police forces. This training will look at the most effective ways to deliver the right support to vulnerable individuals.

In addition to this expert coaching, One is Too Many aims to create a centre of excellence for support to veterans experiencing suicidal thoughts and will reach out to those in contact with the Police. This will be achieved through one-to-one support and a range of digital and printed materials which feature emotive examples of other veterans’ experiences and advice to help veterans realise that there are options and alternative ways to cope. Veterans experiencing suicidal thoughts aren’t alone and it’s time to make sure they know this.

There are a number of other Project Nova programmes across the UK, including:

RFEA’s experienced advisors also deliver an unrivalled range of other programmes including CTP Future Horizons and Techvets.

The life I have now… I’m so glad I didn’t… I’m so glad I received that phone call. I think my biggest achievement is getting through this. Of living a happy life. You can do it, you can get there, and you can control your mind. Just don’t quit.

Mark Watson, ex-Royal Engineers

Suicide within the military community is a sensitive but important topic that needs to be approached and discussed in an honest, yet supportive way. This programme aims to lead that conversation. 

If you feel you want to be a part of that conversation, contact us today.