Forces For London

Forces For London improves employment for veterans across Greater London.

We’ve learnt that veterans in London often have different characteristics and requirements to veterans in the rest of the UK. Forces For London offers expert bespoke advice and guidance to those who face the unique challenges of finding jobs in our capital.

Our Specialist Vocational Employment Advisors plan and provide support to deliver a service designed around individual needs and aspirations. They partner with veteran support charities, social enterprises and local businesses to link veterans with a broad range of volunteering, mentoring and employability training opportunities.

RFEA Employer Relationship and Key Account Managers are dedicated to identifying job opportunities in London and assist many large organisations with their recruitment services.

“I was recommended to join RFEA’s Forces For London Programme through a contact at the veteran’s hostel I was staying at. The programme has given me help in all sorts of ways from volunteering at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, arranging funding for training courses and creating contacts in the finance industry where I am looking to work.” Garvin, ex-Army 

“My Forces For London mentor has supported me to gain a better understanding of the job application process by empowering me to better interpret the specifications and requirements of the advertised role and helping me navigate through tailoring my CV and personal statement to suit the job requirement.” EY, ex-Army

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