Jobseeker FAQ

Can I use RFEA’s services?

As long as you have served at least one day in any of the British Armed Services you can use RFEA’s job-finding services, wherever you are based in the UK.

I left the Forces years ago and can’t find my Discharge Book, can you still help me?

Yes, if you can provide your Service Number, date of enlistment and discharge, we can assist you.

What support will Gurkha ex-Forces receive?

RFEA employs a dedicated Gurkha ex-Forces employment advisor who provides full support to Gurkhas and their families.

Can I access support as a member of the Reserve Forces?

Phase 2 trained reserve forces could be eligible to access employment support. Proof of service will be required.

Can you provide funds for me to retrain?

No, but we can give you appropriate advice and contacts for potential funding, depending on your circumstances.

How long can I use the job-finding service for?

As part of the Career Transition Partnership, we are available to assist you for upto two years after your discharge. Thereafter, under our charitable arrangements, we are available to continue doing so for the rest of your working life.

What if I do not have an email address?

Ideally you should have an email address as this enables you to use our online job-finding services. You could always set up a web-based email address and access the site using facilities in your local library or internet café. However, you can also contact our Central Support Team on 0121 262 3058.

Can you give me any help in compiling a CV?

Yes. Once registered with RFEA, one of our Employment Advisors or a CTP Career Consultant will be able to give you guidance in compiling a CV and covering letters.

What if I have health issues that get in the way of me taking certain jobs, can you still help?

Yes we can. Please contact our Central Support Team on 0121 262 3058 to discuss your needs.

What if I was discharged under “Service no longer required”, received an Admin discharge or have spent time in MCTC Colchester?

Please be frank in your online application and we will look carefully at your request.  You may be able to access support from CTP Future Horizons and / or Project Nova.