Linking with Employers

We are strongly linked to local employment markets and all our advice is based on our knowledge of industries that are growing where you live and the big recruiters in the area.

Understanding the Jobs Market

Read the guides to regional jobs markets and the big recruiters in each area.  They also provide an introduction to each industry sector with guidance on the different approaches to recruitment.

Jobs Fairs

We are able to open up CTP Jobs Fairs for ex forces through life. Held around the country Jobs Fairs give an opportunity to talk to Employers and find out more about what they do and their Job Opportunities.

Company Presentations

We also organise company presentations for small groups of ex forces to go into companies and hear about the work that they do in more depth.  This gives an excellent opportunity to see what an organisation is like before applying.


Livechat provides an opportunity to talk to employers online and is popular with both Employers and Jobseekers as an easy and low cost way to connect.

Job Opportunities

The RightJob online jobs board means that you can search for thousands of vacancies across the UK. We work with employers who have the opportunities sought by service leavers and veterans in the locations you live.  If you are already registered with CTP you will have access.  Register with RFEA to obtain access beyond two years of leaving the forces.

Wounded Injured and Sick Service Leavers can access the CTP Assist portal, which offers a wide range of employment support opportunities to help service leavers who are likely to be medically discharging.  The portal includes a wider range of opportunities including company visits, training opportunities and work placements.