Career Advice & Guidance

We provide advice and guidance to help you to focus your job search and prepare you for the application and interview process.

Career Planning

We advise you on job options using our extensive knowledge of ex forces experience and aspirations, together with our knowledge of employers currently recruiting in each region.

We give you access myPlan to take you through a step by step process to plan your next career.  You can also access Plotr, which is a fun way to analyse future jobs that you might be interested in. Originally developed by the Princes Trust for young people it can provide insight at any age to potential new directions.

Understanding the Jobs Market

We have a deep understanding of each regional jobs market and advise you on industries that are growing and the big recruiters in your area.  These guides to regional jobs markets and the big recruiters in each area, are a useful starting point.

Access to Training

We organise access to training through grants and programmes organised by other military charities and through our knowledge of provision in each region.

Wider Support

Sometimes there may be other issues in your life that can be a barrier to moving into the career that you want.  If you are experiencing problems with accommodation, financial difficulties, or health issues, we can put you in touch with an organisation that can help.

Preparing for the Recruitment Process

We support the job application process from advising on the development of a strong CV through to advice on interviews.  We provide access to online tools including a CV builder and an interview simulator.