Meet our team

We’re very proud to say that we partner with charities all over the UK to help us reach as many ex-Forces personnel as possible. In Wales, our base is the Royal British Legion Pop-In Centre on Cardiff High Street – and here you’ll find Julianne, one of our Regional Employment Advisors.

Julianne at a 2018 job fair in front of the RFEA stand

Julianne served 21 years in the RAF and agreed to chat to us about her career.

“When I was six years old my parents took me to an airshow at RAF St Athan. A WRAF bent down to give me a ‘future pilot’ sticker and told me I had to grow a bit and wait for my front teeth to come back – from that moment it was my childhood ambition to join the RAF.

“My parents tried to dissuade me, but I knew what I wanted and 11 days short of my 18th birthday I enlisted at the Careers Office in Cardiff. I originally joined as WRAF and chose to be combatant. Even though they amalgamated with the RAF in 1994 I’m immensely proud of my WRAF status.

“My career took me to amazing places and gave me wonderful opportunities. I recruited for the RAF, worked in NATO HQ at USAF Ramstein in Germany, Special Duties in Cyprus, PA to CBF Falkland Islands and operational tours in Iraq. I loved all my postings but particularly loved the Falklands; I was there during the South Atlantic winter and I have never ever witnessed weather like it. It was an honour to go on the battlefield tours of the conflict of 1982 and have the opportunity to see the wildlife – penguins waddling on white sandy beaches, upland geese, dolphins and whales and loads of sheep! I was only there for four months but the friends and memories I made will stay with me forever.

“After leaving the RAF on voluntary redundancy in 2007, I worked for the Welsh Government and as an employment consultant in the Valleys before being appointed to my dream job with RFEA in 2016. I am thankful every day to have a job that I love and the opportunities to help the wonderful servicemen and women that I get to work with. I feel humbled and proud every single day.

“I have a brilliant working relationship with all the Royal British Legion staff here in Cardiff. There’s a wealth of experience in one place and they’re selfless when it comes to helping anyone who reaches out to them. They always include me in social functions, like birthday cakes in the kitchen and any public events that they feel RFEA would benefit from. They’ve given me a lovely office and I always have people popping in for a natter or to pick my brains on employability. They’re also fantastic at helping me spread the RFEA love! It’s a pleasure working with them and they truly are great ambassadors for the Royal British Legion.”

RFEA would like to thank the Royal British Legion for funding Julianne’s post and helping us reach veterans in Wales.