Introducing our new Diversity and Equality Champions

Photo of Rich Jones in Army uniform


Last year at the Virtual Annual Conference, Alex and I introduced ourselves as RFEA’s new Diversity and Equality Champions. We’re pleased to say that, working together with the Senior Management Team, we’ve determined how we’ll deliver on our plan to support a more inclusive environment.

A quick reminder of who we are. My name’s Rich Jones, and I’m the Programme Manager for Future Horizons. I served for 24 years in the Army and back then it was far from a diverse organisation. I’m glad to say that, over the years, it began to change. My interest in diversity and inclusion comes from my service and as a dad to three daughters. I hope that they are always treated with respect and dignity and never limited in their opportunities.

Alex Lines-Scrase is RFEA’s Business Development Manager. She has long had a personal goal of integrating diversity and inclusion across the charity:

“Promoting equality and diversity in the workplace is something I am passionate about. Creating openness and trust amongst staff members will allow everyone to thrive and feel valued. Rich and I hope that you feel comfortable enough to come to us for any advice, concerns or ideas. In doing so you’ll be helping to create an accepting workplace culture”.

At the conference, we introduced the areas that we’ll focus on:

  • gender,
  • race,
  • sexuality, and
  • disability.

We’ve found an excellent training package which we are hoping to roll out to all staff to help deliver our goals.

Like the recent International Women’s Day, we will be marking occasions to raise awareness and celebrate diversity. RFEA is at the forefront of the military charity sector and commits to developing our working environment to be as inclusive as it can be. Together we’ll create a trusting and enjoyable diverse workplace that is open to discussing your views and challenges.

Alex and I are always available should you have any suggestions, questions, or comments.