Combat Stress and RFEA in partnership with Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund to support veterans and families transitioning to civilian life

Alisa, Jo and Lee from our Families Programme

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund will be collaborating with veteran’s mental health charity Combat Stress and RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity in a three-year partnership to improve the transition to civilian life for veterans and their families.

Working closely with Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund, the two military charities will focus on those most in need, with Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund providing grants to both organisations to deliver two groundbreaking projects over the three-year partnership.

RFEA’s grant will help extend our Families Programme, devised to help partners of current and former servicemen and women into employment. Many face unique challenges getting back into work, and the programme aims to help those affected understand how their skills fit potential jobs, develop their strengths, and utilise the charity’s extensive network of employers.

Combat Stress will use their grant to conduct pioneering research into a new Occupational Therapy intervention called ‘sensory modulation’. This practice helps veterans with mental health problems understand their senses and gives them coping strategies to ground and calm themselves in stressful or anxious situations. This prevents them from resorting instead to harmful behaviours and allows them to lead fulfilling civilian lives and careers.

Ed Butler, Chair of Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund said: “Combat Stress and RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity are the perfect partners to work with as our aims are so well aligned.

“We are excited about the opportunity this impactful collaboration gives us to unite and address two significant issues facing the military charity sector. Through this unique approach, we can bring together the skills and expertise of these two outstanding organisations to better support veterans and their families.”

Alistair Halliday, RFEA’s Chief Executive said: “Military spouses and partners face a unique set of complex challenges when seeking employment. We are incredibly proud of the difference our Families Programme has already made to those who have entered our programme and are extremely grateful for the support we have received to enable us to carry out this vital work. This funding means that we can now reach even more people through our programme and continue to enhance the lives of military spouses for many more years to come.”

Sue Freeth, Chief Executive of Combat Stress said: “Veterans with complex mental health issues face a number of challenges after leaving the armed forces. The support and funding from Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund will allow us to increase our understanding of how the use of sensory modulation can enhance the lives and careers of veterans with mental health problems.”

In addition to the funding, the three organisations will work together closely with the Lloyd’s Military Network. RFEA will focus on developing employment opportunities across the industry, while Combat Stress equips Lloyd’s market companies and their staff with the tools and techniques needed to support the veterans and their families working in the sector.

Photo: Alisa, Jo and Lee, our Families Programme Advisors