SNCOs & Employment After The Military

Members of all three services gathered at Kandahar Air base to pay their respects during a service of Remembrance in November 2014. Crown copyright 2014

Recent studies have highlighted that SNCOs may face particular challenges transitioning to civilian employment.

Forces in Mind Trust has commissioned Warwick’s Institute for Employment Research, along with QinetiQ and RFEA, to examine the transition of Senior Non-Commissioned Officers from all three Services into civilian employment.

If you’d like to take part in the survey you need to have left the British Armed Forces at the rank of SNCO (including Sergeant/Petty Officer, WO1/2 or Master Aircrew).

Telephone interviews with SNCOs or their partners are also being conducted, and participants will be offering a £15 Amazon voucher at the end of the interview. To take part in a telephone interview please sign up here.