CTP Future Horizons

CTP Future Horizons assists early service leavers (ESLs) with their transition back into civilian life, helping them to find and remain in suitable employment or access appropriate training, education courses and apprenticeships.

It is delivered by RFEA as part of the overall Career Transition Partnership (CTP). Other practical support is available for individuals with more immediate needs – for example, help with finding accommodation, support with debt issues or any health concerns.

CTP Future Horizons Programme provides:

  • An effective and responsive job-finding, education and training service to all ex-service personnel who are discharged as ESLs.
  • Support to all ESLs to plan their careers, providing advice and guidance, enabling them to develop their capabilities and find a rewarding and sustainable career path after leaving the Armed Forces.
  • Strong links with partners, employers and other relevant agencies, regionally and nationally, enabling Future Horizons staff to connect ESLs with other reliable partner and support agencies, according to their individual needs.

How can I access CTP Future Horizons?

If you are leaving service either compulsorily or before you have served four years, you should be informed about Future Horizons by your Unit Briefing Officer during the discharge process. The next step is to fill out a registration form. Military staff will forward your registration details over to the Future Horizons team and they will either meet with you face-to-face for a discussion (if you are based close to one of our hubs) or give you a call as soon as you are discharged to discuss how they can best support you.

You will then be given the contact details of an FHP Employment Advisor based in the area in which you wish to settle. They will work closely with you to meet your employment needs and aspirations.  To discuss any aspect of CTP Future Horizons, you can email us at

Future Horizons initally began as trial in Catterick in 2012. Read An Evaluation of the Future Horizons Programme, Infantry Training Centre, Catterick.