Wounded, Injured & Sick

Since 2011, RFEA has been providing expert support to wounded, injured and sick (WIS) Service leavers who, due to the nature of their injuries, face the most significant barriers to employment.

88% of wounded, injured and sick individuals we have supported have successfully achieved employment, training or an educational outcome.

We employ an experienced team of Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) Specialist Employment Consultants (SECs) who now deliver the case working capability of CTP (Assist).

As a needs-based service, CTP (Assist) is structured and focused to meet the vocational and career needs of the individuals it supports.

The SECs operate out of the Defence Personnel Recovery Units (PRUs), providing one-on-one employment casework support to individuals who need it most. They provide this support right throughout the transition process.

Our SECs provide expert advice and guidance and have an unparalleled understanding of individual needs and aspirations in terms of the recovery journey. They are experienced at providing tailored and personalised employment support and case work.

Through our leading role in CTP (Assist), RFEA adds real value to the transition journey of wounded, injured and sick individuals and the benefits it brings to them are significant.

Both CTP and CTP (Assist) also offers a wide range of employment support opportunities to help Service leavers who are likely to be medically discharging and ready to engage in their resettlement to find a new and fulfilling vocation.

These include familiarisation visits, education, training, apprenticeships, work placements, coaching, mentoring and even job offers.  If you have already registered with CTP (Assist), click here to access the portal.  Alternatively, please call 0121 236 0058 and speak to one of our experienced advisors.